Camping Doftia

Camping Doftia is a hidden oasis located in Bulo village just a 15 minute drive from Gjirokastra town. On the way to the destination, you will be able to see the magnificent view of Doftia Lake. Those who are fond of fishing, will be given the chance to practice it. Of course, you can jump for a swim if you wish. Camping Doftia is located just a five minute walk from the lake. We invite you to enjoy a different type of experience, far away from the noise and chaos of urban areas. You just have to pitch the tent and explore the peaceful surroundings. Walk beneath the thick canopy of trees and you will hear birdsong mingled with the sound of burbling streams.

Be free to wander safely in our camp alongside with our friendly farm animals. In Camping Doftia you can eat healthy organic food such as fruit and vegetables. We also offer you short trips in Suha river. There you will be amazed at the most beautiful waterfalls in the south of Albania. It’s important to emphasize that Camping Doftia is in close proximity to Gjirokaster, Libohova and Saranda - three must visit cities in Albania. So, if you want to experience a different type of vacation, do consider Camping Doftia. We will make sure that you have the best time ever while here.